The RD Entrepreneur Symposium: Presentation Topics

More than 16 experts come together to show you exactly how to grow your nutrition or health business.
Here's a first look at some of the topics that will be presented at the symposium.


4 days

Presentation Topics

Attracting Clients & Excelling in Your Niche

How to Talk to Your Ideal Client

Rachael Hartley, RD, LD, CDE, CLT

Using your unique voice to attract the clients you want to work with and how to market to your perfect client.

Taking Action to Find Your Niche

Erica Julson, MS, RDN, CLT

How becoming an expert can grow your practice, plus how to do it without pigeonholing yourself.

Messaging, Finding Your Niche, & The Importance of Consistency

Jenna Free

Why you need to identify your message and use it in everything you do, plus how to convey the emotion of the results you want your client to get. In addition, learn how to use various structures of online program to increase the scope of your services.

Juggling Business with Life: Expectations, Reality, & Advice

Katie Heddleston, MS, RD

What working as virtual dietitian with multiple businesses really looks like, plus learn the speaker’s number one method for booking clients consistently and how to do it.

Mastering Your Efficiency & Increasing Your Revenue

Know Your Worth: How to Set Your Rates & When to Say No

Alissa Rumsey, MS, RD, CDN, CSCS

How to assess your value and determine pricing (with specifics) for different services, plus when and if you should work for free

Make More Money in Less Time: Productivity Tips to Set You Free

Margie Geiser, MBA, RD, BCC

Actionable tips from the six-figures-a-year, three-days-a-week dietitian and business coach on how to manage your business more efficiently in order to see the growth in scope and income you’re looking for.

Landing Speaking Gigs & The Power of Negotiating

Jan Patenaude, RD, CLT

How to write a speaking proposal to land a talk at the local and national level, plus why and how you need to be negotiating in order to earn your true potential.

Taxes for Dietitians & Health Entrepreneurs: What You Can Deduct & How to Keep Track of It

Sarah Waninger, CPA

Answers to the burning finance questions that come with being self-employed, including specific examples of what does and doesn’t count as a business expense, how and why to keep track of your finances, and how to use your finances to assess your business in order to propel growth.

The Importance of Multiple Revenue Streams

Maranda Carvell, RHN, NNCP

Why and how to create multiple revenue streams within your business

The Ins & Outs of Growing Your Private Practice

Client Retention, Referrals, Social media, and Systems

Kait Fortunato, RD, LD, CEDRD

How to keep clients once you get them and continuing to grow your practice using referrals and social media, plus how to use systems to streamline your practice.

The Importance of Creating a Brand to Grow Your Business

Kelly Springer, MS, RD, CDN

Why you need to create a recognizable brand and how to get other people to use your brand.

Secrets to Building a Thriving Private Practice

Jennifer McGurk, RD, LD, CDE, CEDRD

The building blocks of starting a private practice from setting up an office to insurance to hiring and beyond.

Running a Virtual Private Practice & Thinking Outside the Box with Dietetics

Amanda Foti, MS, RD,CDN

 How to run a virtual private practice and think above and beyond your practice with nutrition.

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Using Technology, Telehealth, and Systems to Grow Your Business

How to Use Your Website to Find Paying Clients

Ashley Srokosz, HBSc, RHN

Learn how to get clients to flock to you using your website branding and wording, plus the mistake you might be making with your about page.

Amazing Automation: Setting Up High Converting Email Automation Campaigns

Erica Lerman

Exactly how to put your marketing on autodrive to wake up to booked sessions and filled programs.

Tech Overview: Mastering Sales Funnels & CRMs

Rachel McMichael

The what, why, and how of using technology to run your business. Learn to use your tech systems to operate your business like a well-oiled, self-running machine.

The Power of Using Telehealth to Grow Your Business

Erica Jain

Why now is the best time to practicing dietetics and how you can use telehealth to build deeper client relationships, expand your practice, and manage your systems.


How to Use Newsletters to Build Your Client Base

Natalie Rizzo,MS, RD

What to send in a newsletter and how to do it

Networking to Net Worth

Valery Kallen, MS, RD,D

Harnessing the power of networking to grow your referral base and make valuable connections.

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